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About this forum

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This is a slight rewrite, with additions, of an original post by Steve in 2007.

This forum was created by a UK Hot Wheels collector, for other UK Hot Wheels collectors. It's purpose is to provide UK collectors with a discussion place other than the official US based site.

That is, it was designed as a specific UK board, however after feedback from our European & International friends I have decided to open it up to them too. There are several reasons for this, including the fact that many of the variations we cannot find in the UK are available in Germany, etc and vice versa.

Because this is an unofficial board, I cannot and will not allow posting of copyrighted materials owned by Mattel, or any other persons.

You may post photos of your own purchases, but do not rip site content and post it here, or insert images directly from the Hot Wheels (and other related) sites.

Hotwheels, the Hotwheels brand, logo etc are trademarks of Mattel Inc, and Mattel owns all associated copyright.

This forum is not endorsed/sponsored/supported by Mattel in any way.

Any member who chooses to disregard these basic guidelines will be given a warning.

In 2016 the forum was taken over by Jon Irvine, who also owns and runs Modelmatic - a UK based online diecast shop.