The Rules

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The Rules

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This is a slight rewrite, with minor additions, of the original rules posted by Steve in 2009.

They're all common sense, but necessary.

1. No hotlinks to any logos/images, etc owned by Mattel or Hot Wheels in posts, sigs, avatars and images. Stealing bandwidth is not fair.

2. Abusive/offensive behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated. This includes spamming, flaming, aggressive behaviour, unnecessary arguing with other members/admin. Constructive discussion with multiple opinions is all good, just remember not everyone's opinions are the same.

3. NO SLATING the Hotwheels site or any of its content/connections. I don't want any issues with them.

4. No adult content or linking to adult content of any kind.

5. No overriding basic word filters with clever code etc. These posts will be deleted.

6. No trade sales, or linking to trade sales, without consent - Permission to be sought from forum admin via PM prior to sales/advertisement of trade sites/sales.

7. No trades with anyone under the age of 18 please.

8. Avatars and Signatures:

Avatars and signatures are available for members to personalise their posts by adding their own custom images or text.

Obscene, vulgar or sexually explicit images or any image that the admin feel is not appropriate will be removed WITHOUT notice.

The following image is an example, to help you understand the average size of a main signature graphic.


You may not exceed the maximum size of 400x100 pixels, as this makes the browsing experience less pleasurable for other members. If your signature is oversized it will be deleted without warning.


Unlike the resolution of the main signature graphic, there are set file size limits.

* The maximum file size for an avatar is: 50KB,
* The maximum combined file size for all graphics in a signature is: 100KB.

8. When quoting someone in your reply, please filter out any pictures they have posted, as this just looks untidy, and takes up space. Unless they are necessary to the point of your post, they will be removed.

These rules are not a full and final list, but give a foundation for the general way this forum will be run.